Christoph Taschke

  • PhD in molecular biology

  • 25 years track record in the pharmaceutical industry
      • experience from local as well as headquarter functions
      • worked as BU Manager and General Manager in various European countries - more than 8 years in Scandinavia / Nordics
      • was member of the board of industry associations (e.g. LIF Sweden)

  • well established network particularly in the Swedish pharmaceutical industry

  • extensive experience with change management projects

  • high expertise in Market Access

  • several years of management consulting in Life Sciences Scandinavia (since 2013)

  • languages: Swedish/Norwegian/Danish, English, German

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Katharina Taschke

  • trained economist, MBA

  • more than 10 years experience in the pharmaceutical industry with Controlling, Human Resources, Health Care Economics and Market Research

  • gave seminars in the fields of Controlling, Price finding, and Health-Economic-Studies

  • representative of the international project of the European Union “European Database – Women in Decision-Making Positions” in cooperation with the FCZB Frauencomputerzentrum Berlin.

  • consultant in Germany and Sweden for small enterprises, medical practices and individuals, including market analysis and strategies, controlling, advertising, acquisition, project supervision e.g. topic “Gender Mainstreaming”, mediation, NLP, competence skills and profile development

  • languages: German, Swedish, English. Basic knowledge in French and Spanish.

For more background information, please check LinkedIn profile