True North

True north is the direction along the earth's surface towards the geographic North Pole.

True north usually differs from the magnetic north which is the direction a compass will point toward, and from grid north which is the direction northwards along the grid lines of a map projection. 

It is very easy to find the magnetic north - you just need a compass for that.

To find the geographic north, however, is more of a challenge: you need to know where you are and where you are heading - based on this information you can determine where the true north is, but you need knowledge and insight for this.


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True North Business Consulting

We want to help you finding the right direction for your business. Analysing where you are and what you are doing will be the basis for identifying the right way to your true north.

Route adaptation during the course will also be provided.  

And should you need a helping hand on the ship for steering - this can be offered as well.

See more in the section "Offerings"  and in "Projects" for examples of completed projects.

Our focus is on Life Sciences in Scandinavia.

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